More than 12 years of testing in the field and 100% reliable!

Save time and money by reducing your installation cost.

You'll see the advantages of using The Vadle™ Curb Box Lock on your next project. It acts as a valve box alignment device.

It's easy to install and creates a secure unmovable installation.

Experts in our industry estimate that between 15% and 20% of all new home curb box installations encounter some form of stress, requiring a call back, resulting in additional excavations, more out of pocket cost, scheduling delays and frustration.

The Vadle™ Curb Box Lock securely locks in connecting valves to curb boxes, using this foot piece it creates a perfect curb box to curb stop alignment. This eliminates the need to revisit the work site to correct a red tagged installation.

New Distributors Welcome

Are you a water department administrator? See how The Vadle™ Curb Box Lock can help your community.

Curb Box Lock made from Recycled Plastic