“My company has used The Vadle™ Curb Box Lock in the field on more than a hundred new water connection installations for over six years. It provides a base for the curbstop and for the valve, to create a perfect valve key alignment. We have never had to reexcavate an installation because The Vadle™ got the job done!”

Jim Cotugno
President, Raffaele Construction

“The City of Grand Rapids Water Department has been using The Vadle™ since August of 2011, it has improved our overall water system in many ways. The Vadle speeds up our installation time, and has prevented many costly dig-ups. It has also helped to keep the curb stop centered in the curb box, and prevents dirt from entering the bottom of the box. We recommend this product to all our contractors.”

Robert Lutz
with the City of Grand Rapids Michigan Water Department