More than 12 years of testing in the field and 100% reliable!

The Vadle™ Curb Box Lock secures and locks water valves in place, eliminating the need to excavate curb boxes where valves have encountered some form of stress and have moved to non-working positions.

It's easy to install and creates a secure unmovable installation.

Experts in our industry estimate that between 15% and 20% of all new home curb box installations encounter some form of stress, requiring a call back, resulting in additional excavations, more out of pocket cost, scheduling delays and frustration.

The Vadle™ Curb Box Lock securely locks in connecting valves, in place eliminating the need for digging up your customer's yard.

New Distributors Welcome

Curb Box Lock made from Recycled Plastic

Protect your customers!
Only $12.25 per install.
Wholesale pricing available.